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OLPRO Picnic Club - Picnic for all Seasons

Picnics For All Seasons

Although picnics are traditionally all about summer and sandwiches, there’s no reason why you can’t change them up a little. Make your picnic more interesting and give it a theme - you can theme your food, what you wear and even where you have your picnic. Here are just a some ideas:


January – Healthy Picnic

Everyone’s New Year resolution is to try and live a healthier lifestyle. So, why not kick start the year the right way (before it all inevitably goes pear shaped). Base your picnic around healthy foods. You could even integrate a workout before your picnic just so you can justify another sandwich or two.


Try some of these healthy ideas from Greatist -



If you have Scottish roots, you could consider a Burns’ Night Picnic on 25th January with a bit of poetry reading thrown in too.


February – Valentine’s Picnic

Grab your partner and head on down to your favourite romantic spot – where you first met or you first kissed, for example. Choose aphrodisiac foods or those that hold a special meaning for the pair of you.


Pinterest is a great place for inspirational recipes


Alternatively, how about a Pancake Picnic on Shrove Tuesday or something Oriental to celebrate Chinese New Year?


 March – Easter Picnic

Fingers crossed, Easter brings the sunshine with it. Organise an Easter themed picnic: turkey sandwiches, hot cross buns, simnel cake and, of course, chocolate. A picnic followed by an Easter Egg hunt is the perfect way to get the kids outside and enjoying the fresh air.

The Aussies know a thing or two about al fresco eating and there are some great Easter recipes here

Mother’s Day usually falls in March in the UK so treating your Mum to a fabulous picnic might make a nice change. Alternatively, go green on the 17th with a St. Patrick’s Day picnic.

 April – St. George’s Day Picnic

Get dressed up and celebrate all things British. Perhaps you could go for food that is red or white, or choose food that is inherently English – asparagus, pork pies, strawberries and cream.


You’ll find some ever-so British recipes here

It’s World Penguin Day on April 25th – try going black and white together with a trip to the nearest zoo to watch these funny little creatures.


 May – National Salad Month

With two Bank Holidays in May, there are plenty of opportunities to eat al fresco. It’s a great time of year too, with bluebells blooming and lambs leaping about everywhere. Time to think about healthier eating too courtesy of National Salad Month.

Food & Wine have some great recipes for make-ahead salads -

For those sci-fi fans, you could go inter-galactic on May the 4th and have a Star Wars picnic.

 June – BBQ Picnic

It’s known as blazing June and this is when the UK is often at its warmest. Pack up a BBQ like our X and head to the back garden, the beach or anywhere that allows you to BBQ.

We love these ideas as not only are they tasty, they’re healthier options too


There are loads of strange celebrations in June including Dairy Lovers and Turkey Lovers month. Don’t forget Father’s Day too.


 July – Independence Day

Although they’re celebrating getting rid of the Brits, 4th July is a great excuse to have a picnic. Hot dogs, fried chicken and corn-on-the-cob are just some of the finger-licking food you could pack or opt for a red, white and blue theme instead.

You won’t be short of ideas for American picnic food here

If you’re more European in your tastes, then why not opt for a Bastille Day picnic on 14th July and go all French.



August – Festival Picnic

The UK is abuzz with all sorts of festivals and open-air concerts in August. However, you can be cheeky and find somewhere to enjoy the goings-on without having to pay the ticket price. Evening picnics watching fireworks are always a treat.

The BBC have some great ideas for Festival picnic food

Left-handers get a look in this month with left-handers day. Try eating your picnic food using just your left hand.




September – Better Breakfast Month

Why not do something really different and have a picnic breakfast? Get up early, watch the sun rise with bacon and egg sandwiches and a flask of coffee.

If you want to go one better, try some of these muffin and smoothie recipes

Cheese Pizza Day and Read A Book Day take place in September. Why not dress up as your favourite book character and order Dominos for a simple picnic option.


October – Halloween Picnic

Where’s the scariest place for a picnic? Get dressed up and create a picnic complete with spooky food. Finish off with trick or treating and there’s no need to take anything sweet with you on your picnic.

Devilishly good ideas for Halloween picnic fare

If you’re looking for something not so hair raising, why not have a fund raising picnic for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?  


November – Bonfire Night Picnic

Hot drinks, toffee apples, blankets, endless layers of clothes, and, of course a bonfire. Whether you’re holding your own party in your garden or going to an organised event, food is an all-important part of Guy Fawkes night.

We’re back at the Beeb for these sizzlers

It’s also Peanut Butter Month – how about finding as many savoury and sweet recipes you can find that feature peanut butter?


December – Boxing Day Picnic

Walk off all that Festive excess and creatively use the Christmas Day left overs for a family picnic. You could organise a treasure hunt for the kids to find little presents to keep the Christmas spirit in mind.

Alternatively, travel down under for some inspiration for different Christmas picnic ideas

Ahead of the big day, you could take the kids on a picnic to tell them about the real story of Christmas or to write their Christmas cards. It’s also National Chocolate Covered Anything Day so you could have a picnic based entirely on chocolate. Now that sounds like a good idea to us.


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